the first ever app from colour me beautiful


The Colour Me Beautiful My Colours iPhone app is a handy tool to help you choose your best colours on the go.

You will find out the best key shades to suit your eye colour, hair colour and skin tone and you can take photos of garments you see and like anywhere at anytime and compare shades.  Using the iPhone camera you can compare your palette of colours to photos of yourself and your clothes too. 


If you have had a one-to-one Colour Consultation and already know your best colours, this is a nifty addition to your colour tools as a quick and efficient way to check and match up your key colours when you're on the go. 

If you are new to the colour analysis system this is a fun and affordable first step to understanding which range of colours suit your colouring most and what to look for when you go shopping.  

Hair and eye colour are the predominant factors in determining your colouring type.  As this app is an entry level view of our colour analysis system it has been simplified with the removal of skin-tone selection.  Skin tones encompass such a wide spectrum which makes them difficult to analyse without the full consultation.  For a full Colour Consultation, which also takes your skin tone into account and provides a much more in-depth, personalised analysis, please visit your nearest consultant. Prices start at £90.

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