Personal stylist training courses through e-learning


e.Learning Course - Frequently Asked Questions


Who should train as a Personal Stylist?
Anyone can train as a Personal Stylist but the most successful stylists have an eye for style, excellent people skills and a willingness to learn. Whether part-time or full-time, this business is ideal for anyone who seeks flexibility in their career.


What is the difference between e-learning and Distance Learning?
With our e-learning Course, you can begin your study within the next few minutes. With dedicated study, you can complete the course in about 20 hours.


What makes the Colour Me Beautiful e-learning Course unique?
We are the market leader, the best known brand and we offer future marketing and support for your business. You can start studying within minutes, with immediate access to all our modules, tutorials, tests and case studies. You can work at your own speed, in your own time and are able to revisit lessons as many times as you like if you feel you need to.


How soon can I start working as Personal Stylist?
You will be able to start your business as soon as you have finished the course. This could be in two weeks if you can devote yourself fully to studying.


Are there any long term obligations upon me? Is there a time limit to complete the Course?
No and Yes:  No, there are no requirement to purchase stock or anything else from us. Yes, there is a time limit of 6 months. Most trainees will complete the course within two months with part-time study. During this 6 month period, you will have access to any updates to the Course that may become available. 


What are the technical details of computer requirements I need to run the course?
Almost all laptops and PC’s purchased in the last five years will be perfectly capable of running our Course. All you need is:

  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, or Google Chrome, or Safari or Firefox 2.0 or later.
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Your Pop-up blocker should be turned off or you should allow pop-ups from our website.


If I need supplies of swatches, make-up style booklets etc. do you have an online shop I can buy them from?
Yes. If you opted for personal tutor support they can guide you on this matter.


What should I consider when choosing a training provider?
Consider the reputation you want to develop and how you want to be perceived. What impression would it give others when telling them you trained with? Colour Me Beautiful is international, professional, modern, fashionable, stylish and are recognised worldwide as the experts in image. After completing your e-learning course with us, you will have no obligations to purchase anything in future from us.


Can I use the Colour Me Beautiful brand?
You are free to set up your own business as a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper and you may say that you are trained by Colour Me Beautiful. However, Colour Me Beautiful reserves the right to withdraw this opportunity if it believes that any use of the brand is harmful to the Company or the business of other consultants. You cannot say that you are a Colour Me Beautiful Image Consultant or personal stylist until you have also attended our Colour & Make-up Training Course plus 2 days of the instructor led version of the personal stylist training courses we run in London. This is to ensure you have the knowledge and skills for us to be able to promote you as one of our consultants on our website directory.


How do I start the Course?
Simply follow this link to set up your account and to make payment by credit card, debit card or by PayPal. You will be sent a PIN Code that you then use to access your Personal Stylist e.Learning Course. The whole process should take no more than a few minutes.