Events around the UK 2017

Our expert consultants run various style and fashion events around the UK all year round. Please check with your local consultants for details or see below.




Kerrie Ellis – Colour Workshop (Farnham)

Dates & Times:  23rd March 2017 10am to 12pm and 24th March 12.30pm to 2.30pm


Venue: Rowledge, Farnham


Learn which ‘colouring type’ you are and discover your 30 core colours, including both neutral and fashion/accent colours.  You’ll receive a Style Update handout, summarising the season’s colours for each colouring type and key style trends. (Colour swatch wallets and books available to buy). 


Cost: £30


To Book: Contact Kerrie on 07917 663330 or




Nicola Davis - Mature Make-Up Workshop (Southampton)

Date: March 22nd

Time: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Venue: Upham, Southampton, SO32 1HG United Kingdom 

Are you concerned that your make-up looks a little dated? Do you feel you look a bit tired and washed-out these days?

As we mature our faces change. It’s not just a matter of a few more lines or the effects of gravity; you may have noticed that your lips are a little paler and thinner and that your eyebrows have become a bit more sparse.


You may feel as if your face is in danger of “fading away”. If you already wear make-up, your current routine might not seem to be working so well for you nowadays. If you haven’t worn make up before, you’re probably thinking it’s time to start but may be a little intimidated by the heavily made-up young women on beauty counters!


We may not be twenty-one anymore but there’s no reason we can’t still look vibrant and attractive. In this relaxed, hands-on workshop I will show you how to apply a simple, flattering and age-appropriate make-up to help you look your very best.

The products I use are available to buy on the day so that you can immediately recreate the look at home, if you wish. If you prefer to use your own make-up though, you are more than welcome to do so.

Take away: Personalised make-up prescription and tutorial sheet


I am limiting this class to just four women so that I can give you individual attention but if you would prefer to have a one-on-one make-up lesson with me at a time to suit you, this can also be arranged.

Cost: £20

To Book: call me on 07703 405106 or email me now at 




Kerrie Ellis - Mother's Day Colour Taster (Godalming)

Date:  25th March 2017

Time: 9.30 am to 11.15 am

Venue: M&Co Godalming


Treat your Mum to a gift that lasts a lifetime – the gift of knowing which colour of clothes suit her. During her 10 minute ‘colour taster’ consultation she’ll learn which ‘colouring type’ she is and which colours she can add to her wardrobe this season. 


Cost: £10


To Book: Contact Sue or Wendy at M&Co to book your Mum’s appointment: 01483 428211.




Jill Clark - Dress To Impress Workshops – Ramsbottom, Lancashire

DATES:  Monday 24th April 2017


Venue: Stitch Studio - Princes Court, 2, Silver St, Ramsbottom BL0 9BJ


Join Jill Clark, award winning personal stylist of Styled in Colour, to learn how to choose clothing styles that highlight your assets and disguise your problem areas, ensuring that you always look fabulous


Cost: £75 including make-up lesson, Colour Me Beautiful Book and home-made cake. Limited Places available.


To Book: Please contact Jill at or 07941 739 347




Amelia Yeodal - Spring / Summer 2017 - Seasonal Update Workshops (South Croydon)


DATES: Saturday 8th April; Saturday 29th April;

TIME: 2.30pm-4.30pm

Venue: Purley / South Croydon.  Easy to reach location with parking and good access by public transport.


Description: Refresh your look and plan your wardrobe for the warmer months to come!  Learn about your best colours for clothes and make up this season, and take a fresh look at what’s in your wardrobe, as well as what you’ll find in the shops.  Small, friendly workshops to help you make the most of your individual style (max 6 – 8 attendees).


Cost: £35


To Book: Please contact Amelia at





Kerrie Ellis – Style Workshop (Farnham)

Dates & Times:  28th April 2017 12pm to 2.30pm and 12th May 2017 9.30am to 12.00pm  

Venue: Rowledge, Farnham

Discover which styles, cuts, fabrics and patterns of clothes suit your shape and proportions in a positive and fun workshop with other ladies. 


Cost: £40


To Book: Contact Kerrie on 07917 663330 or




Jill Clark - Capsule Wardrobe Workshops (Ramsbottom, Lancashire)

DATES: Sunday 7th May and Sunday 10th September 2017

TIME: 10am-12noon

Venue: Velvet - 56-58 Bridge St, Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 9AQ


Join Jill Clark, award winning personal stylist of Styled in Colour, to learn how to create a capsule wardrobe with fewer clothes but more options of what to wear. Discover how to make your wardrobe work for you. Includes a Make-Up Prescription of the make-up colours that suit you! 


Cost: £17.50 including refreshments and home-made cake


To Book: Please contact Jill at or 07941 739 347




Nicola Davis - Accessorise With Style – Add the Wow Factor to Whatever You Wear (Southampton)

Date: May 10th 2017

Time: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Venue: Upham, Southampton, SO32 1HG   


Ever wondered how some women always manage to look effortlessly stylish whatever they’re wearing?

More often than not, it’s down to skilful accessorising. Choosing the right accessories can give any outfit the “wow” factor; whether it’s that little black dress or jeans and a tee shirt. If you feel some of your outfits are a bit boring and want to find out how to inject style and personality into what you wear, this is friendly, informal workshop is for you:

I will show you how to select and wear the following in ways that work for you:


·         Jewellery

·         Scarves

·         Shoes and boots

·         Belts

·         Bags


Take away: Handouts to consolidate what you’ve learned


Cost: £20


To Book: Places are strictly limited so please call Nicola on 07703 405106 or email her now at  




Nicola Davies - Colour Confidence Workshop (Southampton)


Date: May 12th

Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Venue: Upham, Southampton, SO32 1HG United Kingdom 


There are a host of glorious colours out there that would make you look younger, fresher and more attractive. Isn’t it time you started wearing some of them?

Would you like to know:

·         What type of colours you look best in? Bold or muted? Warm or cool? Deep or light?



·         Will they be most flattering on you if you wear them tone-on-tone or in stark contrast?

·         Do you suit black and white? If not, what are your best alternatives?

·         How can you wear the colours you already have in your wardrobe in a more flattering way?

·         What’s your best lipstick shade?

All these questions and more will be answered in this relaxed, informal workshop which will identify the colours that most enhance your hair, eye and skin tones, and how to wear them.

Cost: £40 Please Note: The price of this workshop does not include a colour wallet but you will have the opportunity to purchase a 30 colour swatch wallet for the reduced price of £35 (Colour Me Beautiful RRP £43), should you wish.



To Book: This workshop is limited to just six women so make sure you don’t miss out and book your place now by emailing or calling her on 07703 405106