Events around the UK 2016


Our expert consultants run various style and fashion events around the UK all year round. Please check with your local consultants for details or see below.



Colour Me Beautiful 5 Minute Make-Up Masterclass


DATE: Friday, 30th September


TIME: 10am-12noon

Makeup really doesn't have to be complicated!

Many of us stumble through applying it - often using products that are so old and we can't remember where or when we purchased them let alone how to use them properly or finding the time to use them!

Sound familiar?? Then this workshop is for you!

We'll spend 2 hours together looking at what you have, which products will work for you and how to apply them really quickly!

You will leave with a new found sense of confidence. You'll know what to apply, where and how much - and you'll be able to do it quickly!

Don't miss out, follow the link to book your ticket (£20) as places are limited!!!