Personal colour analysis, style consultants, make-up lessons and full image advice for women


Time for an update?

In our busy lives we often invest time in many things except ourselves.

At Colour Me Beautiful we believe that everyone has the right look and feel their absolute best every day. Looking good isn't a luxury, it's somethingeveryone can acheive regardless of age, size, budget and lifestyle.  

 Where do I start?

Full Image Consultation 
A Full Image Consultation will enable you to experience a new image that will make you look great and feel fabulous and glowing with confidence. In combining all our main services of Colour Consultation, Style Consultation and Make-up Lesson, you will cover all aspects of image learning about the colours and clothing styles that flatter you most so you can create the perfect wardrobe to suit you, your lifestyle and your budget.

Colour Consultation 
If you're not sure where to start then we recommend you begin with a Colour Analysis as colour is the simplest and most effective
way to improve your look. Colour is very powerful in changing your look and wearing colours that flatter you will enhance your best features and instantly make you look more vibrant and younger.

Style Consultation 
Understanding your body shape is the first step to knowing what styles you should invest in. A Style Consultation will help
you understand what suits your figure and why and provide you with the tools you need to make the right clothing choices thereafter, so the days of 'what shall I wear?' will become history.

Make-up Lesson
Your make-up should suit your colouring and compliment your look too. A Make-up Lesson will 
give you  the knowledge and skills to apply your daily make-up or create new looks with confidence.

Your colouring and body shape are the key determining factors in your consultations but we also consider very carefully your personality, lifestyle and budget too.  Our consultants will make you feel at ease, so no need to feel nervous about your session. For all our services you are welcome to invite a friend,  Mum or sister along too. 

What other colour me beautiful services can I benefit from?

As well as the above, our consultants offer a wide range of style and image services from personal shopping to bridal advice to style and image themed parties.  Take time to have a read through our services and if you're still not sure where to begin you can call your nearest consultant for advice.