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The Colour Me Beautiful Training Academy is the leading international authority in the personal styling and image industry.  We have over 27 years of training experience and offer the most up-to-date and comprehensive image courses for those of you who want a career in image and styling. 

When you train with Colour Me Beautiful as a Personal Stylist, Colour & Make-up or Image Consultant you have the opportunity to run your own business, on a full or part-time basis, whilst enjoying the priveleges and benefits of support and marketing from a leading brand.

Your options are simple, you may select either or both of the following two courses (Modules) and can attend them in either order. 


Personal Stylist (Module 1)

This five-day course will enable you to practice as a Personal Stylist.  The course includes styling, personal shopping and an overview of colour and make-up. 

(Taken in isolation, this course is for those to create a business independent of the resources and branding of Colour Me Beautiful. However, if you feel that you need the reputation of the Colour Me Beautiful international brand behind your business and receive enquiries from being listed on our website then you will need to attend our Colour & Make-up training in addition to this programme.)

To download the course outline for the Personal Stylist module click here 


Colour and Make-up (Module 2) 

This five-day programme will enable you to qualify as a Colour & Make-up Consultant offering combined training in colour analysis and make-up application. Your details can be added to our online directory of consultants and you will have access to our intranet.

To download our brochure for the Colour and Make-up module click here. 


If you attend both Module 1 and Module 2 you will be included in our online directory as a full qualified Image Consultant.  This will provide opportunities for you to partake in lcoal and national promotions and marketing events with Colour Me Beautiful. 

To download our brochure to train in Module 1 and Module 2 click here


Courses to help you get your business up and running 

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Building your Colour Me Beautiful business
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Advanced Style
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