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1st of February 2019

Glowing Skin Is Always In

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Our skin is the largest organ in the body and is one of the most hardworking. It provides a barrier against infection and protects our bodies from harmful elements. So it goes without saying that good skincare is vital to keep it healthy and able t...

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25th of November 2015

Downton Fashion!


With the final series of Downton Abbey behind us, many of us are considering what we are now going to do between 9pm and 10pm on a Sunday evening. Not only have we enjoyed the breath-taking countryside, the intrigue of what goes on upstairs and downs...

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18th of May 2013

Are you happy with your staff uniform?


Over the years there has been the occasional controversy over the staff uniform but in an age where image, whether personal or brand, counts more than ever, it is surprising to find a major brand issuing what their employees consider “cheap, nasty an...

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16th of August 2011

Welcome to the colour me beautiful blog!


Get the colour me beautiful view on all things style, beauty and fashion and find out what we're up to (and what we're wearing!) at HQ and what our consultants are doing around the UK and beyond.  We hope you enjoy the read! Tthe Colour Me Beautiful...


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