As the summer sales start, it’s always a good time to look forward and ask ourselves, what will we be buying next season? Well according to Pantone, we will continue with our love affair of all things red. From deep and rich earthy shades, to vibrant true reds. And of course, not forgetting the little cousins, coral and a distinctively sugary pink, both of which sit more comfortably in the summer months.

Women may still be fashion’s biggest spenders but when you look at how fast sales are growing, men now lead the race. Ladies you have competition!

To sleeve or not to sleeve, that is the question

As you know from previous blogs I am a great fan of the sleeve. How many of us feel their arms need to be slimmed down or have bingo wings? How many of us have gone to a dinner dance during the winter and have frozen or had to invest in a pashmina to cover our arms and keep us warm? I can see you all putting your hands up, me too.

Is he a clothes casualty?

Is he a clothes casualty? With Father’s Day fast approaching this gave me the idea to write a blog on men and the way they dress.