As we age, our bodies change shape, and for many of us, that means carrying weight around our middle. In fact one of the most common body shape of 50+ women is a Rectangle. Lean columns may find that they become less ‘lean’ and hourglasses loose their waist definition.

What is colour drenching? It’s the concept of dressing top-to-toe in one colour. More so than a column of colour, as it encompasses different tones and textures.

We’re told that the shirt dress is going to be a trend item this year. We say it’s an absolute classic. It never dates so it’s a great time to invest in something that you’ll wear for many seasons to come.

We’re all about building a wardrobe of outfits that will stand the test of time, and this is something that we talk to our clients about. It’s especially pertinent in times when sustainability is at the top of many people’s agendas.

There’s one person who is the queen of the column of colour. Her name? The Queen of course. Dressing in one colour or similar shades from top to toe is very slimming. A column of colour not only helps balance imperfections but it also elongates the frame giving a leaner silhouette. It’s an easy win and a great confidence builder.

Print is everywhere this season. Big and bold, bright and cheerful, ditsy and muted, there’s something for everyone. But where to start? Let us guide you through the pattern minefield with our handy tips.

Hello, welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for stopping by. We hope that you’ve had a fabulously colourful festive season. As you’re reading this, no doubt your inbox is pinging with sales alerts, 20%, 30%, and even 50% off. Tempting isn’t it? But before you hit that buy button, here is our guide to bargain hunting.

Navigating Spring weather can sometimes be tricky here in the UK as it changes so often (sometimes within the course of a single day!) It (usually) isn’t cold enough for a heavy coat but you still need an outer layer to keep the chill out until the temperatures really start to soar (we hope!)

If there’s one wardrobe item that is synonymous with Spring, it has to be the trench coat. The trench coat dates back pre-World War 1, when it was designed as an alternative to the heavy greatcoat that Army officers wore. It was adapted to be worn in the trenches, hence where the trench coat got its name.

Here at colour me beautiful we’re firm believers in investing money in your wardrobe on items that you’re going to get the most wear out of; it’s safe to say that with the British climate, Summer sandals generally don’t get much wear and tear, so it’s unlikely you’ll want to spend a lot on them.