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Colour Me Slimmer

There’s one person who is the queen of the column of colour. Her name? The Queen of course. Dressing in one colour or similar shades from top to toe is very slimming. A column of colour not only helps balance imperfections but it also elongates the frame giving a leaner silhouette. It’s an easy win and a great confidence builder.

And the good news is that you don’t have to stick to black. Take HRH for instance, we rarely see her in black (state occasions and funerals only). There’s nothing stopping you from doing a column of red or blue or green or yellow. But black is slimming you say. Yes it is, but so is navy and charcoal and chocolate brown. In fact any deep colour will work, so choose your most flattering shade.

Don’t dismiss brighter colours though because they can be very striking particularly in the warmer months. We’re seeing a lot of brightly coloured trouser suits this season, a perfect choice for a formal occasion such as a wedding particularly if you don’t enjoy wearing dresses. And they’re versatile too because each piece can be worn separately to create different outfits.

Another way of achieving a column of colour is to wear the same shade in your top and bottoms and then add a contrasting or tonal jacket over the top. So for example, a column of navy blue with a stunning yellow blazer. The dark silhouette underneath serves to elongate your frame and the bright coloured jacket adds interest and personality. Again choose your best shades. Softs may struggle with too much contrast so can opt for a more tonal jacket such as jade with a navy column which would look simply wonderful against their blended look.

cream suit

White can be difficult to pull off but it isn’t impossible. Choose good quality fabrics that aren’t see-through. Make sure that both bottom and top fit and flatter your frame. And finally, choose your best white. Cream will work really well on warm skin tones whilst soft white suits most colouring.

A trick that pros use to elongate the leg is to wear the same colour shoes as their trousers. It gives a continuous unbroken line from top to toe and an instant limb extension. However if you prefer to wear a slightly cropped trouser or indeed a skirt or dress, wear shoes that are close to your skin tone. And of course a pointed shoe will add extra length to your frame.

And finally, don’t over do it. A column of colour is a bold statement so keep your accessories and prints to a minimum. Less is more with this look.

Did you know that we have dedicated a whole book on how to dress slimmer? You can order your copy here. Or why not treat yourself to a session with your local cmb consultant who can show you how to look your very best(find yours here).