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Denim Details


First of all let’s talk about COLOUR – this season your denim needs to be DARK so here’s how to wear it depending on your dominant colour category:

LIGHT & SOFT –  dark denim will be too heavy for your colour characteristics so weak it away from your face and break it up with another colour from your palette.

DEEP – you look great in dark, rich colours so you can wear dark denim on it’s own or in contrast with another colour.

WARM – medium-depth colours work best on you so pop something one or two shades lighter with your dark denim to even things out.

COOL – inject some contrast into your dark denim to harmonise with your colour characteristics

CLEAR – dark denim will look great on you worn with a vivid accent colour from your palette. Of course, we are not talking jeans only this season, but dresses, shirts and jackets too.

Now let’s talk FIT – choosing the right texture of denim will have a huge impact on how well it fits you. As well as skinnies there are some more relaxed styles of jeans around this season and getting the right fabric is essential to them looking and feeling good.

If you have a CURVY body shape (hourglass, triangle, oval) you need to opt for a softer denim, or one that has some stretch in it to accommodate your gorgeous curves.

Those with a STRAIGHT body shape (lean column, rectangle, inverted triangle) should opt for a denim that has more weight and structure to it as this will follow your body line beautifully. Detailing around the hips/bottom area to create shape and balance proportions will also work well.

Whatever shade or style of denim you opt for this season it is essential that you feel comfortable and confident. For personalised advice on which styles will work best for your body shape, lifestyle and style personality get in touch with your local colour me beautiful consultant to discuss booking in for a style consultation or full image makeover.

You’ll be strutting into Spring in style!