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Don’t Reinvent Every Season

We live in a very different world than we did even five years ago. People are becoming far more environmentally conscious, and seasonal clothing hauls are very much out of fashion. Here at colour me beautiful, we have never bought into changing your wardrobe every year. Indeed, our motto is buy less, buy better, wear more and has been for over 30 years. We show people how to re-style pieces they already have to remain current; it’s a simple concept and one that your wallet will thank you for.

Our first piece of advice is STOP BUYING FAST FASHION. It’s bad for the environment with 350,000 tonnes of wearable clothes being sent to UK landfills each year. We teach our clients to get their money’s worth from their clothes (also known as cost per wear). Dramatic Style Personalities may find it more difficult to move away from fast fashion, as they are attracted to new trends. Our advice would be to shop your own wardrobe first. Fashion repeats itself, so you may already have that must-have polka dot top; the challenge is, to work out how to restyle it.

Build a wardrobe of wearable pieces that flatter your colour, are comfortable and emphasise your best bits. This will take time but you will be more inclined to stick with what you already have.. A change of accessories can breathe new life into old pieces. For example yellow is set to be big this year. You could add a yellow belt or bag to a favourite outfit which would bring you bang up to date.

Work out the best places to to shop. You will need to take into consideration your Style Personality and shape. For example, Joe Browns is an excellent brand for Creatives with curvy body shapes. It will save you time and money, and you’re less likely to make mistakes.

Don’t be afraid to repeat-buy styles that you feel comfortable and look amazing in. Call them your blueprint pieces because they are your building block items. This could be something as simple as a soft drape v-neck t-shirt or a structured formal blazer. It very much depends on your body shape and style personality, but you will reach for these blueprint pieces over and over again. So, why not have several in flattering colours? Fewer items but far more outfit choices!

Have you been applying your mak-up the same way for years? Something as simple a new lipstick in a flattering shade can really breathe new life into your look. Spend a few minutes going through your make-up bag. Throw anything away that is old, or doesn’t look good on you. You don’t need dozens of products to create an every day simple make-up routine. In fact, our handy refillable compact will hold a combination of our eye shadow, blush and our new lip gloss/cream blush combo. Carry only the shades you use and love! There’s no waste as once a favourite colour is used – it can just be replaced. Get in touch with your local Consultant who will be happy to help you choose your best shades.

Why not treat yourself to a Style Update session with one of our Consultants (either virtually or face-to-face depending on where you live). They will provide you with lots of ideas and tips to ensure that you emerge from lockdown with a spring in your step.

Lynnette Jackson Style Update

colour me beautiful Consultant: Lynnette Jackson, Hertfordshire