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Get Your Colours Done

Coco Chanel was spot on when she said “the best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you” (interesting for a woman who was always in black and white, but then they were her colours).   Of course, we all have more than one colour that suits us, the point is that colour is so powerful that getting it right and getting it wrong makes a huge difference to how good you look and consequently, how good you feel.

For many years neutral colours held sway in fashion, but we moved on and now colour – in all its hues – is an integral part of our wardrobes.  There are thousands of shades of colours available, which means shopping is more exciting, but also a bit of a minefield.  There may be some colours you love, but do they love you back?  Be honest. Hold different colours up to your face, if a colour lifts your face and complements your overall look, go for it. If it casts shadows under your eyes and chin and dulls your complexion, ditch it.   The colours you wear close to your face have the most impact, so choose the colour of your tops, jackets and overcoats carefully.  Obviously, that goes for your make-up too!

We often instinctively know the colours that work for us and those that don’t, but we don’t always know why.   When you understand why, it helps you make better choices.

Getting your colours right is not just about matching shades with your colouring (hair colour, eye colour and skin tone) however, it’s about matching them with your personality and your style too.  Our clothes make a visual statement about us and how we view ourselves. They reinforce our self-image and help to define who we are. So, when we choose colours, in the same way that we choose styles, we make choices based on what we are instinctively drawn to, choices that fit with our individual taste.  We are always influenced by fashion, other people, friends, and so on, but our personality is the biggest factor in the clothing choices we make.

So, when you have a Colour Consultation, we are looking at so much more than how colours look against your colouring. We are considering your personality, what sort of impression you want to give about yourself, how you spend your time, whether you want to be a bit more adventurous in your clothes or a bit more chic and which colours make you feel good.

One last word on black:  it looks fantastic on some, like Madame Chanel, but it can look ageing and drab on others.  Everyone can wear black but if it’s not a good colour against your face, you need to keep it to a minimum and learn how to make it work for you. A mistake often made is that ‘black makes you look slimmer’, which it does, but if it’s not a flattering shade on you, it will make you look tired.  There are other colours that have a slimming effect, you just need to find out which ones are a success on you.


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