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Is It Time To Try A Trench?

lady trench coat

If there’s one wardrobe item that is synonymous with Spring, it has to be the trench coat.

The trench coat dates back pre-World War 1, when it was designed as an alternative to the heavy greatcoat that Army officers wore. It was adapted to be worn in the trenches, hence where the trench coat got its name.

Since then it has evolved and developed as times and fashions have changed and it is still a mainstay of many a wardrobe across the world. But do you have one on your coat rail?

Not only is a trench coat an iconic fashion item, it is also incredibly versatile and the perfect solution for those Spring days when a Winter coat is too heavy, but you still need an extra layer to keep you warm. 

As always, there are a plethora of trench coats available this season in different variations on the classic style. Here’s what to look for when choosing yours…


The fabric you choose for your trench coat is key to how well it will fit. If you have a straight body shape (Rectangle, Inverted Triangle) then a heavier, more structured fabric will work best – those with curves need to opt for a softer, more fluid fabric that will skim their shape.

Beware of the Belt

Trench coats will usually come with a belt to cinch you in at the waist. This is great if you have natural waist definition (Hourglass and Triangle body shapes in particular will look great with in a belted trench coat to show off the waist). However, if you have a straight rib-cage and little waist definition, or tend to carry weight around your waist (Oval body shapes) you should avoid belts ideally. As this isn’t possible with most styles of trench coat, try belting yours at the back instead.


Some trench coat styles will feature lots of buttons and large collars/lapels. If you have a full bust avoid details like these as they will overwhelm your top half, instead, look for styles that have fewer details to create an uncluttered look.


Traditionally trench coats have been in a neutral Taupe/Stone shade – this is a great colour to add accents to but there are now lots of choices available. The two key colour stories for Spring/Summer 2018 are bright and bold OR pale and pastel. Choose a colour that falls into your dominant colour category rather than a neutral to give your look a real lift.

For 1-2-1 advice on colours and styles that work for you, get in touch with your local colour me beautiful consultant here.

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