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Guest Blog Post: Make Your Wardrobe Go Further by Sarah Harris

I always keep all of my clothes in my wardrobe; I don’t separate summer/winter wear. At the beginning of each season, I check current trends and work out what I would like to incorporate into the looks I am going to wear.

I have my basic items that go with everything, I call these my ‘wardrobe staples’; so jeans, black and white trousers, jackets and coats all work really well. It is very hard for me to find trousers that fit well as I am 6ft tall and slim build, so when I find them I generally duplicate! This is a great tip that I pass on to my clients; duplicate items that fit well, are classic pieces, flattering colours and you enjoy wearing them. I have found that crop pants are one of my favourites, so I find ways to wear them each season. A zebra print dress, Bretton tops and pussy bow shirts were my go-to pieces this summer and I’ll be wearing them over the Christmas period with different accessories and layering. For me accessories are not only hats, scarves, shoes, jewellery and bags but also jackets, jumpers and coats!


I wear most of my clothes all year round, certain items more than others, but it means that my wardrobe is smaller and yet more versatile. This season my Zebra print dress, pink blouse, white blazer, blue coat and fur coat are all on trend. I have had many of my clothes for years, some over 20 years.


This Christmas I will be concentrating on accessories. I will use colourful scarves as belts or add them to handbags. Even changing shoes for boots (and add socks and tights for warmth) can give an outfit a whole new vibe. 


So long as you have the basics, follow the rules i.e. wear shades of colour that suit you, clothes that suit your body line and keep ahead of trends, you will have a wardrobe that lasts forever! Buy good quality when you can, and look after your clothes. You’ll reap the benefits for many years to come.

Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris Colour and Style Consultant

Lancashire/North West