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Pick A Pocket

The humble pocket has an illustrious past, dating back to the Iceman 3,300BC. Of course today, it is far more than a useful pouch. One can often hear squealing voices emitting from changing rooms exclaiming ‘it has pockets’. So much is our love for them!


Pockets in dresses and skirts provide a safe haven for uncomfortable hands, as we navigate our way through unfamiliar restaurants and bars. And of course let’s not ignore the ‘cool factor’; not just for that ever-so-chilled babe of a friend. Even wedding dresses are featuring them! Deep pockets in coats and jackets came in to their own over lockdown, as we tossed our handbags to one side.

The placement of pockets can make or break an outfit. Use them to build up parts of the body that you want to accentuate; breast pockets are a good way to build up smaller busts. Factor in a pleat or a button down flap and you’re on to a winner.


Similarly the combination of jeans inset and coin pockets sat on the hips are begging to be noticed, especially if embellished with contrasting stitching. A very useful tool to have in any inverted triangle’s armour, whose main goal is to balance her slender hips with her wider shoulders. Patch pockets on jackets and coats work in a similar way.

Lacking in the ‘bottom’ department. No problem. Look for embellished patch pockets, again contrasting stitiching and button down flaps are winners, and are very easily found in the jeans department.


But if you’re not in the market for highlighting a particular area, think simple and understated. Jetted (a simple slit) and welt pockets are barely noticeable and are good options for business or more formal trousers. Of course you could lose them all together. Seam pockets sit on the seam and are almost invisible to the eye, so if you’re heavier on the hips, look for coats and jackets with these features. If they gape open, stitch them up for a neater silhouette. 


As for jeans, choose your denim with tonal stitiching and the simplist of pockets. You may also want to consider the placement of the back pockets. If this area is one that you prefer not to highlight, make sure they sit neatly or better still, nearer to the middle seam to draw the eye inwards.

To ‘pocket’ or not is an easy concept to grasp. As you try on clothes, consider the placement and style of each pocket and ask yourself, ‘do I want to show off this area?’. Choose your pocket accordingly.

*All items shown are from John Lewis online