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royal print

Print is everywhere this season. Big and bold, bright and cheerful, ditsy and muted, there’s something for everyone. But where to start? Let us guide you through the pattern minefield with our handy tips below.

Move Over Leopard….

Yes our love for animal print never seems to tire does it? This season it’s all about snake print. Its fuzzy pattern and often muted colours makes this a great option for Softs. Choose a base colour that complements your skin tone, it doesn’t have to be the usual grey/green/brown offering.

Polka dots and spots

Expect to see lots of spots this spring. Remember the iconic brown and cream dress from Pretty Woman? Well, it’s back. We’ve already ‘spotted’ this colourway in bikinis, swimsuits, skirts and tops. A very feminine print that some would say is timeless, so check the back of your wardrobes before you go out and buy new. Spots are very flattering on curvy figures.

Scarf Print

There’s a new busier pattern on the block this season, say hello to the scarf print. Not for the faint hearted if worn all over but great for Creatives who will be more than happy to mix with strong colours, textures and other prints. If you fancy print clashing, make sure there’s some sort of cohesion such as a common colour that ties the pieces together or similar sized prints.

If that’s a step too far, you could tie a scarf print twilly around the handles of your handbag or even your wrist for a very chic look.


Geometric patterns are ideal for hiding the not so perfect bits of our body – they are the masters of disguise. Straight body shapes such as rectangles will love this design as it complements their angular body shape but hides the mum-tum. Choose your colours carefully and you will have a winner in your wardrobe for years to come. Those with a strong look such as Clears, Cools & Deeps will look fabulous in contrasting colours whilst Softs, Warms and Lights will be far more at home in tonal shades.


For the last few years, we’ve enjoyed wearing blooms. Say goodbye to the deeper backgrounds as we welcome fresher shades this spring. They can be difficult to pull off though. It’s really all about scale. Petites may want to avoid the huge prints as they can overwhelm a small frame. However, larger figures will pull these off a treat.

Let us find your perfect print; shape, colour, scale and style personality are all covered in depth in our Style Consultations.

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