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Shop Smart In The Sales

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It’s that time of year again – SALES, SALES, SALES!

Some of us love them, others loathe them. If you’re lured by the possibility of a bargain-buy this January be sure to check our top tips for navigating the sales to ensure you really are saving money.

Assess What You Already Own

Ever got home from a shopping trip with a new purchase only to discover you’ve already got several other items that are similar? It’s happened to most of us at some point or another. To make sure it doesn’t happen to you, assess and organise your wardrobe before you hit the shops. Store items together so you can see just how many pairs of blue jeans/purple jumpers/red shoes you own. This simple exercise will remind you of the items you already have and highlight where you may need to add something new.

Don’t Impulse Buy

Plan your shopping trip and make a list. Buying things on impulse will lead to items not being worn or discovering you already own something similar (see above!)

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you make that purchase decision:

Is it in my colour palette? If it is then it’s likely to work well with other items in your wardrobe.

Does the style suit me? Don’t settle for something that doesn’t fit properly just because it’s reduced. You need to look and FEEL great in your clothes. If they are ill-fitting or uncomfortable they will soon be relegated to the back of the wardrobe.

Do I feel FABULOUS in it? Your clothes should make you feel like a million dollars, don’t buy anything that falls below the mark.

Is It Really Value For Money?

Check the quality of the item and ensure if has no defects. Sometimes stores will reduce items because they have faults with them. This may not always be a deal breaker, but it doesn’t hurt to check first.

Would You Pay Full Price For It?

You may have had your eye on something a little out of your price range that has now been reduced by 50% – hurrah! This is what true sales shopping is all about and you should certainly grab that bargain! However, if this isn’t the case ask yourself whether the quality, cut and style would be worth the full price. If not, why not? Perhaps you’re not getting a great deal after all.

Buy Less, Choose Well

You don’t need lots of clothes to look good, rather you need a capsule collection of clothing that can be worn in a variety of different ways in colours and styles that work for you. Don’t be tempted to fill your wardrobe with lots of ‘bargains’. Most of the time it is better to invest a little more in each item and have fewer pieces of good quality clothing to choose from.