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Stay Chic In The Heat

floral dress

When the heat is on the last thing you want is to be feeling hot and bothered. Here are our tips to keep you cool and chic in the Summer sun this season….

Lighten Up
Darker colours absorb heat so opt for the lighter shades in your palette wherever possible. If you fall into the Deep colour category this can be particularly tricky but you can try adding a little contrast in the form of a pattern or accessory to ensure the lighter shades you’re wearing don’t wash you out.

Seek Shade
A stylish hat is a surefire way to up the glam factor whilst also shielding you from harmful UV rays. Be sure to choose a style that flatters your face shape with a brim that covers your neck and ears, as well as your face. A breathable material like straw will ensure your head doesn’t get too hot!

Specs Appeal
Squinting is never a good look so invest in a good quality pair of sunglasses that flatter your face shape. Remember; opposites are attractive when it comes to face shapes so if you have a rounder face more angular styles will work best, whereas those of you with long or square face shapes are better suited to frames with softer edges.

Material Matters
Linen and cotton are natural, breathable fabrics and therefore great options for keeping cool in warm temperatures. For those of you who love denim, chambray is a great alternative as it looks similar but is much lighter in weight.

Loosen Up
Whilst it may not always be the most flattering option to wear loose fitting clothes, during the Summer sometimes it is a necessity. If more fluid clothing shapes aren’t typically suited to your body shape then think of ways to customise them a little to show off your figure – a loosely tied belt around a tunic will nip in your waist for example. For those of you with Oval body shapes now is the time to embrace those gorgeous flowing fabrics (and maybe show a little leg too!)