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The Great Gatsby Style

If you haven’t caught the Gatsby bug yet, you obviously haven’t seen the film’s previews. It is going to be a sartorial feast for the eyes.

The costumes in this story of the rich and famous in the roaring twenties are simply sumptuous. This fashion era was not about practicality, it was about elegance, statement dressing and fun.

Catherine Martin is the film’s costume designer (married to Baz Luhrmann, the film’s director, with credits including Moulin Rouge, Strictly Ballroom, Romeo and Juliet). Some of Carey Mulligan’s costumes are designed by Miuccia Prada.

Even if you are not a fan of twenties fashion, you cannot help but swoon over the beautiful fabrics and embellishment used and appreciate the skill that has gone into creating them. The High Street has been influenced by this anticipated epic, so if you come away from the film wanting to adopt a bit of Gatsby glamour, you won’t be disappointed.

Some dos and don’ts for Gatsby style:

• You don’t have to go completely flapper, you can incorporate bits of it into your look with any of the following: fringes, sequins, feathers, beading, pleats, metallics, sparkle, cloche hats, brogues, t-bar shoes, capes.

• In shoes, you will find heeled t-bar and various metallic styles. Gorgeous t-bar shoes are everywhere, but this style doesn’t work for everyone. The t-bar will appear to cut off the leg at the ankles, so don’t wear this style if you have short legs, especially if you are short from the knee to the ankle. However, if you have fallen for this style (and we wouldn’t blame you) do choose one with an open toe and in a pale shade that won’t contrast too much with your skin. Do go for sparkle on any part of your shoes!

• The traditional drop-waist flapper dress looks elegant on slim, straight figures but is not so flattering on curvy bodies. Don’t invest in this shape if you are a full hourglass, triangle or round body shape. You will find some current takes on twenties dresses offer more flattering cuts, so do hunt around if you are desperate to have one.

• Do try some hair accessories (jewelled, feathered, beaded etc.) as they will give you instant Gatsby glamour without having to invest too much in the trend. Equally, a handbag will give a nod to the look without overdoing it.

• Do dress up and have fun with this look!

The Great Gatsby is out on 10th May. Enjoy!