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The joy and pain of fabulous shoes

Aside from a good lipstick in a great colour, there is nothing like a high heel to add instant glamour and confidence.  A recent MSN survey showed that not only do women love high heels, but more importantly, they will substitute comfort over style to look fabulous in a gorgeous shoe.  So, when (if ever) is high too high and when (also, if ever) should we step out of our ‘comfortable shoe’ zone and step up the heel stakes?

When is high too high? If you struggle to put one foot in front of the other without looking ungainly, the shoe is too high.  Don’t kid yourself; there is nothing glamorous about walking badly in heels.

Is it the right shape shoe and heel for you? Sometimes it isn’t necessarily about the height but more about choosing the right design, shape and heel.  You may find a platform sole easier on your feet. Or, go for a pair of special kitten heels which are very popular again, possibly because they are more comfortable than high heels but still look very feminine.

Give your Feet a Break.  There is no doubt that women who regularly wear big heels for long periods can seriously damage their feet, not to mention suffer falls and broken ankles. You need to take care of your feet and give them a rest with lower heels and supportive flats.

When should we step up the ‘heel’ stakes?  That is partly up to you and your personality, and women still look fabulous without towering high heels, of course. However, if you are always going for comfort over style then perhaps it’s time to hunt down a really good-looking pair of heels that you can walk in comfortably.  We’re not suggesting you wear skyscrapers, but for the right occasion it’s worth stretching yourself to something a bit more special so that you feel special. The key is not to leave it to the last minute, do your research and find a pair that work for you.

There is nothing related to sense when it comes to choosing fabulous shoes, but you can enjoy your heels and take a bit more care of your feet too:

  • Only wear your towering heels if you’re not walking far during the evening.
  • Do your research and find a couple of pairs that look great but are easier on the feet.
  • Take a pair of flats to run to the taxi and put them in the cloakroom at the event
  • Give your feet a regular break from heels.

Finally, if you have a great pair of heels that you simply can’t wear anymore then why not make them a fabulous ornament in your home!