The Empire Waist Dress, Bridgerton Style

Style Tips, Women

Has anyone else fallen in love with Bridgerton Season 2?  What a veritable feast of colour and print, and the symbolism and meanings behind every outfit. 

A recent trend on the back of this epic is the empire waist dress. Championed by the Regency period (ie. the Bridgertons et al) but dating right back to Ancient Greece when it was the epitome of grace and feminity. In fact the empire waist is a trend that dips its head in and out of fashion throughout the ages. 

The empire silhouette doesn't rely on the waist to give it shape. In fact, for many women, the slimmest part of their torso is just under the bust so the empire line goes 'in' at just the right place to give the illusion of a slimmer frame. Good news for those who carry weight around the tummy area. Hourglasses however, may find that they look their best when showing off their natural waistline so may wish to swerve this trend.

This style of dress can be A-Line cut which is excellent for a straighter body shape such as a rectangle or gathered just below the bust line which is particularly flattering for apple shapes. Just make sure that the fabric isn't too voluminous as this can have the opposite effect of what you wish to achieve. 

The empire waist dress elongates the silhouette so works well on petites. It can also balance a low waist / short legs as it gives the illusion of a higher waist. 

All in all, the empire line has a lot going for it. Choose a flattering colour and make sure the sleeve style and lenth are the right ones for you and you will have a winner. 

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