Online Personal Stylist Course

Train to be a personal stylist or personal shopper - online!

Course Overview

Our Personal Stylist Online Course, whether you choose to register for the whole course at once or the modular approach, has been designed to enable you to learn all the skills and knowledge that you need to become an outstanding Personal Stylist or Personal Shopper. 

Colour Me Beautiful offer professional, leading edge, high quality training, wherever you are in the world. We are the international leaders in training Image Consultants and Personal Stylists, and we can bring you the best e-learning experience available anywhere today.

Once you have read the information below, please contact our Training Manager, Pat Henshaw +44 (0)7771 511120 or who will be happy to help.

Who is the course designed for?

This course is for those of you who are unable to attend face to face training and would like to become a personal stylist or personal shopper.  It is also ideal for individuals who wish to learn more about themselves and discover their own colours and the styles that work for them – even advise their friends!  Many of our online delegates go onto developing a career and then decide to take the plunge and train as fully qualified Colour Me Beautiful Image Consultant.

The course is designed for trainees worldwide and should take about 35 hours of concentrated study.  Although the course is in English, it is also designed for candidates whose first language may not be English. 

You have eight months to complete the course and you can go through it as many times as you like during that period.

There are no pre-requisites for signing up for this course, we will take you through all the theory and practical sessions building your knowledge and confidence in the subjects.

So, whether you are looking for a career change or adding these services to an existing business, it could certainly work for you.

Throughout this Personal Stylist online course, we will give you the technical knowledge you need to become a personal stylist as well as encourage you to develop your practical styling talents on future clients.  We believe this is truly the only way to learn and develop your skills.

The course is available to you and must be completed within an eight-month period.  After going through the course once, you can revisit as many times as you wish during the eight months.

Click on the image directly below for a quick VIDEO TOUR of our E-learning Personal Stylist course.  Please note that you can see the transcript of the audio if you click on 'Transcript' at the top left-hand side of the video.


The key benefits of this Personal Stylist e-learning Course are:

  • You have access to the modules you have registered for or the whole course online once you have paid
  • You can 'pay as you train' if you opt for our modular approach
  • The course includes interactive tests, questions, case studies and a final assignment
  • You can print pages for future reference
  • You can study as quickly as you want and at times that suit you over a six-month period
  • You can revisit any lessons at any time
  • You will receive our e-learning personal stylist Certificate of Achievement
  • You will have the confidence to run your own Personal Stylist business or it can be your first step to qualifying with us. If you would like to qualify as a colour me beautiful Image Consultant, then you must also attend the 5-day colour course. See here for more details.
  • When you register for the full course, you will also receive one of each of our dominant colour wallets (6 in total) plus our latest books, Colour Me Beautiful and the Make-up Manual (published by Hamlyn-Octopus), so you can start working with clients as soon as you qualify. Should you prefer the modular approach and register for Module 1 you will be sent our latest books and when you subsequently register for Module 2 you will receive one of each of our dominant colour wallets (six in total).

Course content and approach

This course covers an abridged version as our face-to-face Personal Stylist training courses that take place in London and Manchester. You can now 'pay as you train' and register for one module at a time or invest in the whole course.

We highly recommend you sign up for each module in the order below:

Module 1 – The style and image module - which covers all aspect of how to give your future clients advice on how to dress for their personality, lifestyle, body shape, height, scale and proportions.

Module 2 – The colour analysis* module - introduces you to assessing your client’s dominant colouring type and the colours she can wear to make her look and feel fabulous.

Module 3 – The Stylist tools module - brings the whole thing together, so you can apply the learning from the previous modules to running style consultations, personal shopping experiences and wardrobe audits/capsule wardrobes for your clients.

* To fully qualify with colour me beautiful in colour analysis and a fully certified Colour Me Beautiful Image Consultant you need to attend our 5-day face to face training in London or Manchester

The course uses visual and audio learning techniques and combines teaching with continuous interactive tests, self-assessments, tasks and case studies. It is an easy learning format broken down into seventeen modules for confident understanding.

What our newly trained Personal Stylists say

"Yesterday, I made my final assignment for the Stylist course. I had so much fun with my client volunteer. I was impressed that I was able to put in practise what I learned, and to realize that all tips really work. I’m happy to tell you that my friend is considering buying all of the three options I found for her. So, thank you very much I’m more than happy and excited to become a fully qualified Colour me Beautiful consultant."

Maria, Dubai

"I have followed the Colour and Make-up course in London, and I have followed the Personal Stylist e-course and I did not regret one minute...

My opinion: value for money!

I have a boutique in Belgium and after following the course, I have started immediately with my Colour Studio, a combination of selling clothes and giving colour consultations. You have to build up your customer base and it will take a little time, but when people trust you and believe you, they send other clients to you and your business will grow. CMB offers its Image Consultants lots of support. If you have any concerns, you can always contact your trainer or Head Office and they organise seminars to keep you up to date. I have been to one last week and I felt like I was family. In all honesty, CMB is without doubt a leading company, particularly when I compare it to other similar companies in my country and abroad. If you want to follow the course, don't hesitate! The course is a high standard, the support is quality and the rest you have to do yourself. They give you the self-confidence on the course and you have to pass on this confidence to your clients; it will work."

Kitty, Belgium.

We are passionate about ensuring our trainees become outstanding personal stylists. If you would like to, you are welcome to discuss the course with our Training Manager, Pat Henshaw directly before you sign up. E: M: +44 (0)7771 511120

Investment/payment methods:

The cost of registering for the complete Personal e-Learning course whole course is £895.00.

(Multiple license arrangement available for retail outlets).

To register to 'pay as you train' - one module at a time

The price per module is £395.00

Why not start a new career in 2020 as a personal stylist? You can begin by clicking here to set up an e-learning account and making a payment. The first screen asks you to register your details and then the second screen will ask you which course/module you wish to register for. You will be directed to our e-learning home page for immediate access to the course.

Payment is handled by PayPal who accept most credit and debit cards. After payment, you will have access to your e-learning module/course you have registered for. You can study at your own speed, in a location of your choice and at times to suit you. You will have up to eight months to complete the training.

Terms and conditions

Apart from our terms and conditions, there is no contract and there are no future obligations.


When you have completed all three modules of your e-learning course you will receive a certificate that you will be proud to display in your home or studio.

Further questions

If you have any further questions about this e-learning course please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or call Pat Henshaw on +44 (0)7771 511120 or email her on If you have questions about any other aspect of our training courses, please use the same contact details.


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