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Find out your best pink and support breast cancer awareness

Every woman should have pink in her wardrobe as it brings out her femininity and denotes empathy.  There is still time to get involved in the ‘Pink’ campaigns for breast cancer awareness this month, so go pink and wear your best shade with confidence.

  • Blondes look best in pale pinks which will make you look sophisticated and elegant.  If you are blonde and love fuchsias and hot pinks, you are better off wearing them as accessories.
  • Shocking pink on a brunette will exude confidence whereas pale pink will make you look and feel washed out, not great if you are trying to impress on a date or at work!
  • Soft pink is a great colour to wear when you want to soften an austere business look or when you are caring for someone.   Stronger pinks are uplifting and energising.
  • Any pink looks fabulous on cool colourings who have varying shades of silver and white hair.
  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t really suit redheads as the cool undertones don’t complement your lovely warm colouring.  You can wear a warm coral pink or inject some pink into your accessories.

Pink is a great colour to wear when you are feeling below par as the lighter pinks are gentle and uplifting and the hot pinks will give you an energy boost.

To help raise money you can:

Go Pink with friends

Work Pink

Or, simply get out and about with a collecting tin