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Get sporty, get colourful!

What a summer it has been so far!  Despite the weather we’ve had a wonderful season of celebrations with the Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics.  The last two weeks have been hugely inspirational, well done to all the incredible athletes and all those involved.  We couldn’t help enjoy the array of colours on show through the games; the pink, the orange and the purple of the Olympics were bold and beautiful (naturally we love the purple as it is our very own Colour Me Beautiful brand colour!)

We also loved the colourful sports shoes on show. Gone are the days when a simple plimsoll would suffice! For some time, sports shoes have been created as a fashion accessory and not just for sporting activities.  You will find an array of styles, colours and designer looks for the gym and for every day wear from Nike to Chanel’s running shoes (pictured above) and Miu Miu’s glittery toe-cap. The plimsoll can now be found in a range of colours and brands from Primark to Lacoste and is a great summer staple.  For sport, does it matter what colour shoe you buy? Of course it does! The most important part is that it is the right shoe for the sport and for your feet, but as with the rest of your kit, good colours will inspire you, motivate you and make you feel good before you even start your work out.

It was great to see the Team GB kit was well received. The fresh take on the Union Jack was unfussy and pretty smart we thought. We particularly liked Stella McCartney’s endeavours to feminise the women’s podium outfit; she said she ‘gave them the ability to cinch in the waist and remove the Aertex lining so they can play with the layering’ (Stylist Magazine 25th July). Clever.

Wasn’t the patriotic nail art wonderful! It was a stylish way to express patriotism and a creative way for the female athletes to express their femininity without it interfering with their sport.

Our style should embrace colour and be an inspiration to us. It helps us express who we are and makes us feel good. Even in the gym.