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How do I get perfect party make-up?

You have taken the time to select and put together a fabulous outift but you take five minutes to put on your make-up, which is the same make-up you always wear but more of it.  Does this sound familiar? Don’t let your look down by adopting the “I simply need to apply more make-up for the evening” approach.  Before choosing your final outfit you will probably try on several pieces, so make sure you do the same with your make-up and try different looks with your new clothes.

To acheive the best make-up looks you need to make sure you have the right products and know- how to apply each product properly and with the right tools.  The make-up colours you wear should compliment your colouring and the look you create should enhance and flatter your features.

Think about the colour you are wearing, your hairstyle and the overall look you want to acheive then let your make-up compliment all of those.

If you have fallen into the same make-up routine then it’s time to start experimenting with different products and colours.  If you don’t feel confident at all about choosing or applying cosmetics then investing in some expert advice will equip you with the knowledge you need to acheive great make-up.

The latest Colour Me Beautiful book , the ‘Make-up Manual’ (Hamlyn) is an easy to follow guide which will show you how to create your best looks by using the right application techniques and the best products for you.  You can also book a Make-up Lesson (from £30 for an hour) with a Colour Me Beautiful consultant who will guide you on all you need to know from how to look after your skin to choosing your best colours and using application techniques that compliment your features.

Colour Me Beautiful Make-up Manual