Spring Forward


With the clocks springing forward this weekend we can soon look forward to lighter mornings and longer evenings - Summer is on the way!

However, losing that precious hour can put a real squeeze on your morning routine for the first few days, so here are our top three time-saving tips to ensure you can greet those early mornings with a smile (and in style!) next week.

1. Plan Ahead

If you’ve had a colour and/or style consultation with one of our colour me beautiful experts then it’s likely you’ll have a carefully curated collection for the season ahead, with each item being versatile enough to wear with several others in your wardrobe. However, there’s still nothing worse than going to pull an outfit out to wear in the morning only to find its in the wash/needs ironing. Decide what you’re going to wear the night before, along with accessories and have it all to hand for the morning.

2. Opt for Ease

Forgo a lip base and lipstick combo and add a slick of lip gloss instead. Our Extreme Sheen Lip Glosses are easy to apply and will give you the perfect pout with one quick application so you’ll be heading out of the door in a flash.

3. Handbags at the Ready

Pack your handbag (which you’ll already have selected to perfectly match your outfit), the night before with all your essentials so all you need to do come morning is pick it up and head out of the door.


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