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The men’s guide to gift buying!

How may ladies reading this blog paint that grateful smile on their faces when opening that present from their husband/partner? After all it’s the thought that counts isn’t it?

I expect if we counted up the cost of the number of unwanted or inappropriate gifts we have received from our husband/partner over the years the amount would be quite frightening. Whether you have a subtle approach, hinting often as to what you would like, as I do (the hint never seems to work though) or write a list to be more explicit – getting it right in terms of gifts for you is an annual challenge for a husband/partner.

Well ladies, let him read this and ensure that this is the first year you get what you want.

So gentlemen, this is for you. Research, look and listen!


Research. Yes, we know you would like to see us in some sexy underwear. We would quite like it ourselves in fact. Two things here – we won’t wear it if it’s red and black and yes, it has to be the right size – a too small bra cup which shows four boobs not two is not a good look! So, research – go to her underwear drawer – look at the labels on her bra and knickers. What make does she favour? What size does she wear? Go to the relevant shop and buy something similar in a lovely colour – even take the original articles with you so the shop assistant can help you make the right decision. Wrap in tissue and put in a gift box. We love unwrapping surprises!


Look. You’ve probably been taking your partner/wife out for a while now. What jewellery does she wear? Does she favour delicate pieces or a more dramatic approach? Does she wear silver or gold? These are all important things to observe before hitting the jewellers. A friend of mine recently had been bought a really chunky silver necklace by her husband. She was disappointed because she couldn’t understand why he hadn’t noticed that she always wore delicate gold necklaces and feels guilty that she doesn’t like it because it cost a lot of money. As a result, she will tuck it away in a drawer and never wear it. I don’t think she’s alone, do you?


Listen. When you are going out and the love of your life is getting ready listen for when she sprays on her perfume. If she’s going on a special night out with you the chances are she is spraying a perfume that’s special to her and she wears with pride. Quickly look at the perfume she has used and note its name – this is the one to buy. We ladies tend to have more than one, maybe a daytime scent and an evening/special occasion one. We tend to be a bit aspirational buying/wearing designer brands like Chanel, Prada, Gucci or Marc Jacobs because we can’t afford the clothes and they make us feel good about ourselves.

Kitchen gadgets and slippers

Guys don’t even go there. Even if she says she wants one of these items, she doesn’t!

Chocolate or a spa day or colour me beautiful consultation

All winners in most ladies books.

So now is your chance to get it right based on our advice. As we will know most of us get as much from giving as receiving and we know she will love you even more!

Written by Shan Williams, Personal Stylist.

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