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A Colourful New Career: Amanda’s Story

Are you interested in fashion, colour, style and image? Would you like to channel your passion into a rewarding career? If so, this blog post is for you.  colourmebeautiful is the leading Image Consultancy company in the UK and across Europe, but don’t just take our word for it! Recently qualified consultant, Amanda Devaure-Croft shares her story and colourmebeautiful journey today:


“My first experience of colourmebeautiful was having my colours done by the lovely Lindsay Edwards. It was such an eye-opening experience and also very emotional. Watching in the mirror as certain colours brought me to life, I felt like myself for the first time in a long time.

Taking the knowledge and confidence from the session home with me, I quickly discovered how much of a difference wearing my best colours made to my mood, my energy levels, and the energy I put out into the world. Even when I was too tired to do more than pull on a cosy jumper, wearing a moss green or rich amber would leave me looking and feeling less tired and more alive. For someone who never wore red or brown, I sure have a lot in my wardrobe now!

When I reflected on my career in the charitable sector, what I enjoyed the most was listening to people’s stories and trying to achieve change that would improve their lives. Supporting kids in care to tell their stories at the House of Lords will always be a highlight. That’s why I’m so excited to put my training with colourmebeautiful into practice. To begin with I thought it would be a hobby, something I did for my own wellbeing. But what I’ve experienced has reconnected me with the belief in myself I needed to think about building my own business. I wasn’t sure I would ever work again so finding something so fulfilling and rewarding that enables me to help other people while managing my health needs feels like a gift”.

Our consultants all have their own personal story and colourmebeautiful journey whether that is a total career change, a bolt on to an existing business or a return to work parent. The benefit of joining us is that you operate your own business; you set the hours (part time, full time or even occasional). We do not operate as a franchise so there are no hefty fees to pay.

Sign up for our ‘LIVE’ INTERACTIVE TRAINING course and discover an incredibly rewarding career as a colourmebeautiful consultant. What’s more, you can start to earn an income within days of qualifying as all the consulting tools and cosmetic testers are included in the training fee.
We are the leading and most well-known company in Europe, but don’t just take our word for it! Watch our video (here) and discover what our consultants think about their company and its life-changing services!

If you are interested in finding out more about a colourmebeautiful  career, click here. New dates will be announced very shortly but make sure you book your front row seat by registering your interest with our training manager, Pat Henshaw ([email protected]).

Amanda’s business is located in Bedfordshire and you can contact her here: