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A/W Must Have No. 2: The Statement Coat

A coat can define your winter look so if it’s outerwear you are investing in this season, make it a statement piece.  With the variety of colours, styles and fabrics available, you will find it easy to make your investment coat something a bit special this season.

Ideally, you need at least three coats to cover all occasions from work to the weekend to an evening out. However, if you are investing in only one make sure that it will stand the test of time.   As The Telegraph’s Phong Luu says about the “everyday best friend” coat, “…like any best friend, it should be kind (to your figure), a faithful companion during rough (weather) times and in it for the long haul”.

The look for autumn/winter is elegant and simple, but it’s the texture, colour or added detail that will make your coat stand out.  If you want to go for colour then make it one of your most flattering shades.   There is nothing more uplifting on a winter’s morning than pulling on a colourful coat.

In terms of texture you can find subtle designs like a leather or satin trim. For a bolder look you might want to find a special fabric or pattern such as tweed or herringbone or for something extra special, satin and brocade. As with any texture, fabric or pattern, you need to be sure that it suits you.

Three key shapes are the cocoon (ideal for round shapes), military (perfect on straight lines) and the timeless belted trench (for hourglass figures).  There are many more styles so if none of these appeal to you, don’t panic and remember, it’s about finding what looks great on you.