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Your Autumn/Winter ‘Must Have’ List Starts Here!

Must Have No. 1:  The Trouser Suit 

This season is about a no-fuss look and bringing back some favourite pieces.  So, number 1 on our list is the trouser suit. Tailored trouser suits are back on the fashion agenda, again. You only need to look at what Ms Prada wore at the latest Met Ball in NYC – evening brocade trousers with matching tunic.  Where she goes, everyone follows.

The new season’s look is more elegant and sleek, differing from the ladylike and demure styles of previous seasons.  Victoria Moss wrote in In Style magazine:  “The new fashion landscape is about strong, empowered control…There is a stylish sleekness going on.”

Whilst the trouser suit is a bit about ladies playing with menswear, you don’t have to look the tomboy.  A trouser suit can be one of the most stylish, modern and sexy outfits a woman can wear.

Some tips on getting it right: make sure you get the right trouser length – too long means a tripping hazard and a laundry disaster in winter weather, too short will ruin the elegant look.  Think of the width and the volume too as you will find cuts from cigarette slim to slouchy boyfriend.  The most modern way to wear them is cropped (or 7/8th as known in the trade) so you flash a bit of ankle.  This length looks good with flats or heels.  Maintain the look with a tailored jacket. 

Last tip: your jacket and trousers don’t have to be matching. Although a complete suit can look fabulous, it might be too coordinated for your tastes. If you mix up your top and bottom, make sure the fit is good for both and the overall look works.  

And if you have a streak of daredevil dramatic in you, you might fancy going totally Miuccia Prada and wearing a brocade tunic suit (please take style advice if you do!).