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Does your man need some style advice?

The recent survey claiming that “37 is the age men give up on style” inspired some interesting responses from women: 37% buy their partner’s clothes, two thirds admitted preventing their partner from buying certain clothes, almost a fifth highlighted ill-fitting jeans as one of the worst offenders (here, here we say!).

Most men and women need a bit of style advice at some time(s) in our lives.  Our bodies change, our lifestyles change and fashions change. So, men are not alone in going for the easy option past a certain age when they simply don’t know what to wear anymore.  He can’t dress like a twenty-something at forty-something, he probably feels he doesn’t have a style ‘identity’ (classic, creative, sporty etc.) and quite honestly, he just don’t know what looks good on him anymore.

Generally, women enjoy clothes and ‘dressing up’ more than men. We like to take time to shop, browse and find the right piece at the right price. From our experience, both as women and as consultants, we find that men don’t enjoy shopping that much, they want to find the item they need, buy it and go home.  Also, let’s not forget that there is more style advice available to women, it may not all be suitable, but we absorb it and take it into consideration.  

Most women are prepared to put the effort in to look good and, most importantly, we are prepared to go and take advice if we feel we have completely lost our way in fashion. Men don’t like to ask for help. It is much like the “no, of course we don’t need to ask for directions, I can work it out” approach.

So, wives and girlfriends take on the styling mantle, which isn’t necessarily wrong, but it does take up your time. Plus, isn’t it nice to see your man dress well by himself? With a bit of knowledge and confidence, men can enjoy their wardrobe and express themselves through their clothes too.  They deserve to look good and find their style ‘identity’ just as much as we do.  And, once they get advice on how to dress to fit their shape, colouring, lifestyle, age and personality, it will make clothes shopping even easier and quicker than usual.  Suits him sir!