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The Duchess of Cambridge

One year on and our new Duchess is doing pretty well. Over the past week most magazines and newspapers have published round-ups on what she wore and what she said in the last year. She has not said much as she is being well looked after by the royal machinery, but what she wore has made the front pages every single time.

We can only describe her as radiant; she has a sunny smil, her hair is the envy of many and her model-like figure is perfect to show off High Street and designer clothes alike. Let’s dissect those clothes, shall we? HRH certainly knows what colours not to wear: no orange for her (even though orange is the Pantone colour of the year), no yellows and no rusty shades. She knows what colours suit her. She goes for those bright jewelled tones which work so well with her Clear palette – yes, she is a Clear so contrasting bright colours work best on her as do some of the greys we have seen her wearing, which contrast with her dark hair. She has been seen wearing teals and purples too – what a clever woman. Did she know that both teal and purple are universal colours? A universal colour is a colour which suits everyone and she always does it with such elegance.

As for her accessories: we are in awe of how she carries those clutch bags. How can she shake hands, hold a bouquet of flowers and still hold her clutch? In addition to her bags, she likes her heels and tends to go for a plain court shoe (either black or patent nude). We liked it when she chose to wear a low-heeled ankle-boot to jazz up her classic wardrobe. Her latest outing provided an elegant outfit with a mild form of peplum and a wink to this season’s fashion must have – for the tall and lean bodied.

Indeed our new Duchess is playing it safe, which is what she should be doing, leaving it to models and recording artists to wear extraordinary outfits.