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How to be the Belle of the Christmas Party: Part 2

Whatever your style or Christmas occasion, follow our tips to be the belle of your Christmas party…

Office to office party

Your office Christmas party is straight after work so you need to decide whether a complete change of outfit is required or not. If you’re not sure whether to bring a different outfit, follow by example and do what your female seniors and colleagues do. If you are not changing, don’t panic, you don’t need to bring the entire contents of your dressing table into work in order to look your best.  If you wear a suit for work you can dress it up with an evening top, preferably something with a bit of sheen or sparkle or a flattering, bold colour in satin.  It’s worth changing into a pair of shoes that make you feel more dressed-up.  You might want to add an accessory like a statement necklace.  You will need to apply more make-up for the evening so make sure you have the right eye shades and a good lip colour and lip gloss. Remember: you are in relax mode but  still among your work colleagues and seniors so you should dress appropriately.

Elegant and understated

You want to feel elegant and dressed-up but not the centre of attention.  The key to being understated is to choose simple styles with no embellishment and keep accessories to a minimum.  Choose clothes that are flattering but not trying too hard. You don’t want something close fitting, shiny AND bright, they can be one of these things but not all three. You also don’t want to reveal too much flesh, so if you are wearing a strapless dress the length should ideally be below the knee so you are not flashing both shoulders and legs. This doesn’t mean you have to go for something conservative or boring – you can still look fabulous, just not in an obvious way.  Keep your make-up glossy but not over the top.  With this look you won’t attract unwanted attention!

Making a statement

You like to look a bit different so you want your party wear to be a conversation piece.  You will either find an unusual dress that no one else will be wearing or your might create a unique outfit of your own using separates.  Ideally, you will find one striking piece and build your look around it.  This season, you might choose a skirt in a bold shade or in metallic and find a top that matches or clashes, depending on what look you want to create. A unique pair of heels and/or piece of jewellery will finish off your outfit perfectly.

Glamorous head turner

Most women want to look glamorous and alluring in their partywear and turn heads for all the right reasons The key to getting the wow factor right is knowing what looks really do it for you. There is no doubt that choosing a striking colour will get instant results. Red has long been a popular choice in party dresses as it gets you noticed, but if you choose a colour that is your wow colour, you will get the same reaction. Choose sumptuous fabrics like satin, silk or velvet, they look luxurious and ooze glamour. Your make-up should be strong enough to balance the look and your accessories should complement but not upstage your outfit. Make sure your shoes complement your dress; you want to look polished from top to toe.

Finishing touches

Evening make-up needs to be darker and more dramatic.  Choose shades for your eyes and lips that are one or two tones deeper than colours you normally wear.  Accentuate your best features and emphasise either your lips or your eyes, this way you’ll look glamorous yet still feel comfortable.  A touch of sparkle will finish your look, use a gold or silver eye shadow to bring your eyes to life. A hint of glitter on your décolleté will help you to feel your most glamorous.

Whatever party outfit you wear, make sure you choose colours that look great on youstyles and cuts that flatter your shape, fabrics that work well with your figure and looks that reflect your personality.

Enjoy the party season!