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How to the be the Belle of the Christmas Party: Part One

The Christmas party season is fast approaching and whether it’s the office party or an annual gathering of friends you are probably beginning to wonder what to wear.  Follow these simple tips and you’ll be sure to turn heads for the right reasons.

Black is not the only colour

When Coco Chanel invented the little black dress she created a fabulous evening wardrobe staple.  But whilst the ‘LBD’ will always be a party favourite, do take care as black doesn’t suit everyone’s colouring.  If it’s not in your palette but you’ve got your heart set on wearing your LBD you will need to make sure you wear it with the right accessories.  Fortunately, there is a range of colours out there to choose from, so take advantage of them to get you through the party season…


Blacklooks great on ‘deep’ colourings like Eva Longoria etc. but it can still look striking on other colourings too, just make sure you don’t wear it too close to your face.  If you are light brown, blonde or a red-head then add a lighter colour necklace, such as masses of pearls or silver or gold (whatever suits your colouring) to reflect the lighter colours onto your face.  The style and fabric of the dress, and teaming it up with a variety of accessories, will send different messages, so depending on your mood you can glam it up with sequins and killer heels or keep it low-key with simple jewellery and a lower heel.

Emerald Green

This year’s Pantone Colour of the Year looks gorgeous in eveningwear. There are varying shades of green to suit different colourings but the most striking is emerald. Emerald green is best suited to ‘clear’ colourings – those of you with bright eyes and dark hair – and redheads.  Choose a dress in satin as it will enhance the colour and really give you the ‘wow’ effect. Other popular greens include pine green which suits darker colourings and some darker redheads too. This shade looks equally fabulous in a satin shade or a mix of satin and chiffon. Those of you with fair or light brown hair should look for a softer teal shade.


Purple is a great alternative to black because it has the same slimming effect and there is a shade to suit every complexion (think like-for-like, deeper tones for the darker colourings and lighter shades for fair).  Purple shows that you are creative and in control.  It projects confidence and individuality, so if you’re not afraid of colour and want to express yourself, wear a purple dress and you will be seen as the creative and outgoing one at the party!  If you want to show-off your creative side even more then wear bold accessories in a different shade such as green (if your colouring can take it) or metallics.  Silk is seductive and velvet dramatic, chiffon will keep it feminine.


In terms of eveningwear we tend to think of red as the epitome of ‘sexy’, but it can look elegant and dramatic too.  Red is not for wallflowers, you won’t be able to shy away in red!  Some sparkle in the detail will add extra glamour, floor skimming satin will make it ultra dramatic and close fitting velvet will give you the ultimate vamp effect.  It is also a great energising colour, so if you weren’t in a party mood before, you will be once you’ve got your dress on! Again, there are shades of red for every colouring; darker colourings can go scarlet, geranium red is good on blondes, redheads can wear tomato red with a hint of yellow in it.