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Dressing between seasons: black is not the only option

Spring fashions are urging us to move away from winter clothes but it’s just too early to  make the wardrobe transition.  Dressing between seasons presents a few challenges, particularly from winter to spring as we are longing to wear more colour and shed a few layers.

The film and TV world seem to be dealing with this by wearing a great deal of black and white, which is terribly uninspiring.   Victoria Beckham wore head to toe black for the launch of her new Autumn fashion line and whilst her colouring can take it, it looked more like a lack of effort than an elegant statement.  Twiggy has launched her new range at M&S and the media shots show her in which shade? You guessed it, black (with white and grey).

There is no doubt it’s a challenging time of year for looking good and black and white can look fabulous, but right now we need a bit of perking up. We want to look more vibrant, feel positive and shake off that winter pallor and black just doesn’t do it.

Wearing colour makes a difference even if it’s a plain sweater under a jacket, a shirt collar poking out, a scarf or a statement bag.  Just one shot of colour, the closer to your face the better, will lift your look and your mood.   Need proof that it works?  See Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes. She wore a Versace dress in ivory with a bold  red panel across the neckline and teamed it with red lips and handbag to match.  She looked stunning. It’s true, Angelina  always looks good because she is a good-looking woman, but the injection of red against neutral ivory made her look exceptional (the shiny fabric and contrasting shades also work perfectly with her contrasting bright eyes and dark hair). She outshone everyone, hands down, which is particularly interesting for a woman who frequently wears black.