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Enjoy fashion, but don’t be a slave to it.

Unless you have the time and money, or you work in the fashion industry, it is neither easy nor necessarily satisfying to keep up with the very latest trends.  Fashion is about being up-to-the-minute current, or even ahead of the times.  Fashion also tends to reflect moods in society.  For the last two years, fashions have not changed drastically because designers are aware we can’t afford to keep updating our entire look. Style, on the other hand, is timeless.  Some people are born with it, some of us have to work at it.  It most certainly isn’t rocket science but it does require some time, effort and learning how to dress to suit YOU.

When the new collections appear in the shops you probably find at least a couple of items or a colour or pattern that you instantly fall in love with.  We see models that look fabulous in these outfits and imagine ourselves wearing them. Or do we?  The model shots are, of course, inspirational, but the questions you always have to ask yourself are  “is it really me?” and “will it really suit me?”.  Some examples of trends which require a little caution this season are 3-D pattern, the slipper shoe and tartan skirts.

3 D pattern – This is a very sixties look and the pattern can be fairly harsh on the eye.  Most of us couldn’t pull this off head to toe but a little injection of it can be fun.  A blouse would be the best buy if you like this print, a jacket if you are more outgoing and confident about this look.  A suit – no!

The slipper shoe These are rather elegant and quite a fun flat shoe, but be careful how you wear them.  The front of the shoe sits higher up on the foot than a ballet pump so they can make legs look shorter.  You will either love them or they won’t be your style at all. If they are not your style, don’t force yourself to wear them just because they are the new flat.  They do, of course, look exactly like slippers, but how comfortable!

The tartan skirt – Many of us love our tartan in winter but if you don’t get the right piece, it can look dated. A tartan skirt is probably the trickiest piece of tartan to wear. It can be given a modern twist with some heels, for example.  It is best avoided if you are on the curvy side, the straight line of the pattern doesn’t go smoothly around curves.

So, if you are buying some new pieces this season, by all means enjoy new fashions, but not at the expense of (your) style.