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How to keep cool and still look the business at work

Whilst Britian may not be having the scorching summer we would like, temperatures are warm enough to create a few wardrobe dilemmas in the work place.  Dress codes vary between companies but regardless of what your job is and at what level you work, your appearance sends out messages to your colleagues, your peers and your bosses.  Here are some key tips to make sure you dress for success when the weather is warm:

– Make sure your garments are made mostly of natural fibres to avoid any embarrassing perspiration marks.

– Don’t skimp on the quality of blouses and shirts; a cheap, thin material will look transparent and your work colleagues don’t need to see what is underneath.

– For suits or jackets,  a light wool or jersey works well because it is cooler and keeps its shape all day.

– Less garment means more flesh on show so think about that strappy top; is it going to lose you credibility in your office?  Cotton blouses or smart tops with a cap or a three quarter length sleeve are a safer option.

– Cleavage and midriff should never be on show and just above the knee is about as high as you should go  for a skirt length.

– As a general rule, tights are more appropriate than bare legs, but it depends where you work. Take note of what your female executives wear.

– Bring more colour into your working wardrobe in summer for a feel-good boost. Do consider what looks good on you and how much you can get away with at work.

-White is always more popular in summer and the white work shirt is a great staple. Do make sure it is white and not yellow or grey!

– If you are opting for open-toed or slingback shoes then make sure that your feet are suitably groomed, you don’t want chipped nail varnish or rough heels on show. Flip flops are a no-no.