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Sun, Sea and Sensible Packing

The build up to a holiday is all part of the excitement of getting away. It’s not just the anticipation of the trip, it’s also about focusing on YOU. Even if you have a family, you allow yourself a bit of pre-holiday pampering as you prepare your skin for the sun, maybe lose a couple of pounds and buy a few little goodies to take with you. You might treat yourself to a haircut before you go or buy a couple of new tops. Even choosing a sun tan lotion or buying a new shade of lipstick gives you a buzz.

Then comes the moment when you have all your old and new holiday pieces spread out on the bed and you wonder how on earth you are going to get it all into your suitcase. Whilst some basic tips will help you economise on space, such as putting your shower gel into smaller containers or folding clothes very neatly, the reality is that you have to make some tough wardrobe choices. Don’t panic! You just need a little organisation by following our tips below:

    • List out every day of your trip and for each day write down what you might be doing, i.e. lunch, sightseeing, sport or just relaxing. For each of these make a note of what you are likely to wear. This will show you that you can wear the same pair of trousers/dress/skirt twice and therefore where you can economise on space.
    • Following your list, lay all the clothes out on the bed and see how they co-ordinate with each other. Don’t take your bright yellow top if you’re not taking anything that goes with it!
    • Mixing colours is bang on trend but you don’t have to take all your colours in your wardrobe, just the key pieces that you know you can mix and match.
    • Generally, you want your trousers and jackets to be neutral shades (white, cream, navy, denim etc.) unless you know you have colours that will work with a number of outfits you are taking with you.If you have forgotten something, enjoy the opportunity to buy something locally!
  • You will need some space in your suitcase for anything you might want to bring back.