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Roll up for the roll neck

The roll neck. Just the word conjures up flash backs to the 60’s and 70’s.  Some of us will remember James Bond wearing a white roll neck under a dinner jacket! Very Yves St. Laurent. Charlie’s Angels wore them too.

The roll neck is also known as the turtle neck or polo neck. Whatever you call it, it’s back. The fashionistas are wearing it so pretty soon we will all be investing in one or two again. However, before you go out and find your inner Charlie’s Angel, think about whether it suits you. Do you have the neck for it? Does it flatter your figure?  We have a few rules about these things, and whilst rules can sometimes be broken, with the roll neck they can make or break your look:

Rule 1:  Roll necks are best suited to those with longer necks and well-defined jaw lines. The high neck draws attention to that area so, if you have a short neck or a double chin this style isn’t really for you.

Rule 2:  The garment must be in one of your best colours! It is so close to your face that the colour will really impact how you look so you must wear a flattering shade.

You will also need to address the weight of the roll neck.  Is it a fine knit or heavy ribbed style? The fine knit will easily slip under a jacket or even under a pinafore or shift dress. This is a perfect combination for office wear, provided you don’t get too hot. It is also a perfect backdrop for a stunning necklace.

The chunky roll neck is perfect for layering with a shirt or t-shirt underneath so that you can remove it if you get too warm.

If a tight roll neck is not for you but you want a similar look and feel, you can choose a looser cowl or funnel neck, which in many ways are easier to wear.