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Staying Relevant Post-Lockdown

Have you lost your style mojo over the last year. Have slippers and tracksuit bottoms become the norm? You’re not alone. Enforced lockdown has had a dramatic effect on the way that we dress. And it’s likely that some of us will never go back to dressing pre-2020, having discovered our ‘natural style personality’

This month, we’re answering questions that you may be pondering, once we emerge from lockdown, and rediscover the joy of proper clothes once again.

Do heels fill you with dread?

Hands up, who has worn heels in the last year? We’re betting very few. But the good news is, that designers have taken inspiration from 2020 lockdown and we’ll be seeing lots of flats; slip ons, mules, loafers and flip flops.

Got used to elasticated waistbands?

Us too! But elastic isn’t just for joggers. There’s a great selection of elasticated waist trousers and skirts. They’re not just for grannies circa 1975! Take wide leg pull on trousers; they can work on many different levels. Style with a formal shirt or top for Zoom calls (you’ll look very professional on the top half, but still remain comfy on your bottom half. Or add a blazer for proper days in the office. Team with trainers and a t-shirt for a casual look, or add a going out top and heels for date night. Shop around for stretchy jeggings in different colours. Marks & Spencer have a great range in different colours.

wide leg trousers

Happy in a jumper?

Well the good news is that knits are huge this spring. Do you already have thin knitted jumpers and cardigans in your wardrobe already. Pull them out and try them on. If you need to replace them, make sure you choose shades that make you look amazing.

Can’t do tight jeans anymore?

Relaxed denim will enable you to remain relevant (in the fashion sense) and comfortable. But, make sure the style you choose is flattering for your body shape. How do you look from the front, side and back? Are you happy with what you see? if you carry weight around your middle or hips, you may want to swere the relaxed denim trend as it will only add pounds to your frame.

Forgotten how to combine colour?

A colour analysis will help you to understand why certain shades work better on you than others. Further, you will learn how to combine colours for maximum impact. So for example, Jennifer Aniston with her mousey hair and soft eyes looks amazing when she wears two medium depth colours together (we call this tonal dressing). Whereas, Courtney Cox with her bright eyes and dark hair needs that extra oomph, so dressing in two contrasting colours is her best look.

Try on different colour tops underneath a favourite jacket and really concentrate on what it does to your complexion. You may be very surprised. Or get in touch with your  local consultant to book one of of colour consultations (we have a virtual service which is ideal during lockdown):

Want an easy update?

You don’t need to reinvent your wardrobe each season. A new pendant or scarf (find your best shade here) will freshen up old outfits. Statement pendants are big this season. Do you still have yours from 10 years ago?