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Switch Up Your Beauty Routine For Summer

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1) Use a hydrating cleanser

Our skin needs all the help it can get. Make sure you’re not stripping your face of essential oil by switching to a cleanser that hydrates. Try our Hydrating Cream Cleanser which is infused with grapefruit, lavender and frankincense to produce a natural healthy glow.

hydrating cream cleanser

2) Banish the excess oil

Our face produces excess oil when we’re hot and this can cause blocked pores. Use our Balancing Toner to rebalance and rejuvenate the skin morning and night. You can also spritz this product on to your face to freshen your make-up during the day.

3) Don’t forget the SPF

Even on cloudy days, the sun can damage your skin so choose a long lasting, lightweight sun protection. It’s a good idea to apply this a good 15 minutes before your make-up if possible to allow it to bond to the skin.

4) Switch your foundation for a tinted moisturiser

It will even out your skin tone and add a hint of colour without the heaviness of foundation. Our tinted moisturiser is available in four different shades. If you prefer a fuller coverage, apply in light layers and use a smattering of loose powder for longevity.

5) Bronze!

A bronzer is much kinder to the skin than any sun tan. Lightly sweep it to the outside of your face, across the forehead, down the nose and chin. You can even use it in place of blusher for a sun-kissed look.

6) Lay off the heavy eyeliner

Black eyeliner is ageing, particularly in summer when you’re likely to be wearing lighter and brighter coloured clothes. Our range has shades to suit all colourings from teal to aubergine, coffee to marine. Far more flattering and youthful when applied. Use the edge of the pencil as opposed to the tip for more control. Start from the outside edge and use feathery strokes working towards the inside edge of the eye. For a wide eyed look, stop at the centre of the eye (top and bottom) and use a cotton bud to blur the edges.

7) Sweep on the mascara

Avoid the thick caked-on look as it can be very ageing. Instead, opt for a mascara that lengthens and separates. Try navy or dark brown instead of black.

8) Switch out the lipstick for gloss

A sheer gloss complements the summer look perfectly. Use a lip pencil in a similar shade to ‘colour-in’ the lips before applying the gloss as this will still give you a bit of a tint when the gloss wears off. We can help you choose the perfect shade from our range.

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