Style Tips

Have you lost your style mojo over the last year. Have slippers and tracksuit bottoms become the norm? You’re not alone. Enforced lockdown has had a dramatic effect on the way that we dress. And it’s likely that some of us will never go back to dressing pre-2020, having discovered our ‘natural style personality’

As we age, our bodies change shape, and for many of us, that means carrying weight around our middle. In fact one of the most common body shape of 50+ women is a Rectangle. Lean columns may find that they become less ‘lean’ and hourglasses loose their waist definition.

What is colour drenching? It’s the concept of dressing top-to-toe in one colour. More so than a column of colour, as it encompasses different tones and textures.

Your style personality influences the items you choose and the way that you dress. Some people love to dress up, others dress down. But one thing we’re often asked by those who opt for a more casual style is, ‘how can I look smarter and more put together (without too much effort).

We’ve accumulated A LOT of loungewear over this last couple of months; what has lockdown done to us? So what now? Do we put our purchases down to isolation necessities or do we try to incorporate these new items into our normal wear?

We’re told that the shirt dress is going to be a trend item this year. We say it’s an absolute classic. It never dates so it’s a great time to invest in something that you’ll wear for many seasons to come.

Well we’re certainly into scarf season aren’t we? It’s always a shock when temperatures drop in November and the humble scarf becomes our best friend again.

Print is everywhere this season. Big and bold, bright and cheerful, ditsy and muted, there’s something for everyone. But where to start? Let us guide you through the pattern minefield with our handy tips.

Hello, welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for stopping by. We hope that you’ve had a fabulously colourful festive season. As you’re reading this, no doubt your inbox is pinging with sales alerts, 20%, 30%, and even 50% off. Tempting isn’t it? But before you hit that buy button, here is our guide to bargain hunting.

If you haven’t yet had a colour consultation but want to start adding a little more colour to your wardrobe, then opting for a universal shade is a great place to start. Whilst everyone who comes for a colour analysis with colour me beautiful receives a palette of 42 colours that work specifically for them, there are a few shades which, when combined carefully with other colours, will work for most people.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be taking you through the things you need to consider when updating your Autumn wardrobe with this season’s trends.

Autumn/Winter is around the corner and with it the opportunity to shake up your style, but where should you start? Whilst we’re inundated with ‘hot new trends’ and ‘what to wear now’ articles it can be difficult to know where to turn, and what to buy.